ITS Benefits, Costs, and Lessons Learned:
Executive Briefings and Deployment Case Studies

In the 20+ years that the ITS JPO has been tracking the evaluation of ITS technologies, there has been steady growth in the number of studies documenting the benefits, costs, and lessons learned of ITS. Every year, the ITS Evaluation program reflects on recent entries to the databases to assess changing topics and trends.

The annual Executive Briefings are developed to highlight the recent additions to the databases on these emerging ITS topics. They are presented in a concise, easily consumable format and can be viewed on a mobile device or tablet, or can be printed for quick reference on one or more topic areas.


2021 Executive Briefings

  • Executive Summary [PDF]
  • Advancements in Electronic Fare Payment [PDF]
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Transportation [PDF]
  • ITS for Accessibility [PDF]
  • ITS for Vulnerable Road Users [PDF]
  • ITS for Work Zones [PDF]
  • Micromobility Services and Equity [PDF]
  • Next Generation Transportation Management Centers [PDF]
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in Transportation [PDF]


Deployment Case Studies

  • Connecting Travelers to Transit with First-Mile/Last-Mile Solutions [PDF]
  • Demonstrating Integrated Corridor Management in San Diego [PDF]
  • Implementing Mobility Solutions to Address Commuting Disparities and Congestion [PDF]
  • Improving Work Zone Safety with Intrusion Alarms [PDF]
  • Leveraging Existing Infrastructure and Computer Vision for Pedestrian Detection [PDF]
  • Piloting Connected Vehicle Technology in New York City's Dense Urban Environment [PDF]
  • Piloting Connected Vehicle Technology in Tampa's Central Business District [PDF]
  • Piloting Connected Vehicle Technology on Interstate 80 in Wyoming [PDF]
  • Supporting Safe Intersection Crossing for Pedestrians with Disabilities [PDF]
  • Using Technology to Support Travelers with Disabilities [PDF]