Return on Investment (ROI) Guide and Use Cases


ROI Guide


Teaser image of the Return on Investment (ROI) Guide document

The Return on Investment (ROI) Best Practice Guide provides step-by-step instructions for industry professionals to analyze ITS benefits and costs, leveraging the ITS Deployment Evaluation Benefits and Costs Database. The Guide provides a high-level methodology that agencies can tailor for their own projects.

Users may wish to use the methodology presented in the ROI Guide to:

  • Provide a business case for project feasibility
  • Prioritize their Program portfolio
  • Communicate the value of a strategy to various audiences.



ROI Use Cases


Teaser image of a sample ROI Use Cases document

Example Use Cases demonstrate how the ROI Guide methodology can be applied for a range of ITS and TSMO strategies.

Five use cases are available:

The use cases shown here are for hypothetical projects. Users should apply their own site-specific data to determine the benefit-cost analysis (BCA) for their specific projects.