ITS Benefits and Costs Map
Use this interactive map to explore the geographic distribution of the ITS Deployment Evaluation Program's Benefits, Costs, and Lessons Learned databases.
  • The 'Search' filter find Benefits, Costs, and Lessons Learned records which display the text specified anywhere on that records full display page.
  • You can limit the kind of record returned using the 'Content Type' filter.
  • The dropdown controls below trigger a faceted search in the same manner as the main search page.
  • The Date Posted filter accepts all the formats shown. Any partial From/To dates will be adjusted to the period's start/end (e.g. From: 10/2020 becomes 10/1/2020, To: 10/2020 becomes 10/31/2020)
These filters require pressing "Search" to apply.
Content type
Date Posted
These filters apply immediately upon selection.
Note that a single database entry may be associated with more than one location on the map.