ITS Deployment Tracking Survey Data Repository

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Deployment Tracking Survey (DTS ) Data Repository contains a set of downloadable electronic files related to a series of ITS surveys conducted by the ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) since 1999. 

The 2023 Deployment Tracking survey is underway.

2020 ITS Deployment Tracking Survey (DTS)

2020 Deployment Tracking Survey Key Finding Report Cover Page

The ITS JPO has published reports summarizing the findings of the 2020 ITS Deployment Tracking Survey, which was administered to freeway, arterial and transit management agencies.


View the following reports on the National Transportation Library’s (NTL's) Repository and Open Science Access Portal (ROSA-P):

View the survey instruments, data files and infographics on the 2020 DTS page.

ITS Deployment Tracking Surveys – 1999 to 2016

The ITS Deployment Tracking Surveys (DTS) were conducted a total of ten times between 1999 and 2016. Data is collected from Freeway, Arterial, and Transit agencies representing large and medium-sized metropolitan areas. The DTS were designed to collect data characterizing ITS technology deployment, as well as programs and policies implemented to support ITS. The website includes the following DTS files:

Special Topic Deployment Surveys

In addition to the Deployment Tracking Surveys administered to freeway, arterial and transit agencies, the ITS JPO has conducted a number of special topic surveys, including the following: