Highlighted ITS Benefits

This document provides an overview of featured benefits of select ITS technologies. Featured technologies include traffic and signal management, smart work zone safety, electric vehicle infrastructure and more. Many of these ITS solutions have crosscutting benefits that can improve transportation efficiency, mobility, safety and reduce environmental impacts. Adoption of these technologies can help lead to a transportation system that is safer, smarter, and more connected. These benefits were selected to highlight relevant and applicable outcomes of the various technologies featured within.


Click through the below icons to discover and learn more about some of the ITS technologies that the ITS JPO tracks and the benefits they provide.


Graphic. Circular graphic for variable speed limits. Shows a speed limit sign with electronic display showing "35".

Variable Speed Limits

Graphic. Circular graphic for bus rapid transit. Shows a bus with a with a speed dial on top indicating it is moving quickly.

Bus Rapid Transit

Graphic. Circular graphic for adaptive signal control. Shows a traffic signal with one's and zero's behind.

Adaptive Signals

Graphic. Circular graphic for truck platooning. Shows two trucks spaces out on a freeway, with speed dials next to them indicating that they are going the same speed.

Truck Platooning

Graphic. Circular graphic for ramp metering. Shows a car waiting to merge onto a frewway waiting at a traffic signal.

Ramp Metering

Graphic. Circular graphic for electric vehicle stations. Shows a red sedan in front of a green charging station with a leaf on the screen.

Electric Vehicle Stations

Graphic. Circular graphic for transit signal priority. Shows a bus with a satellite dish on top sending signals to a traffic signal

Transit Signal Priority

Graphic. Circular graphic for electric bus fleets. Shows a bus in front of a green charging station with a leaf on the screen.

Electric Bus Fleets

Graphic. Circular graphic for work zone ITS. Shows a two construction workers by the road with an aerial drone flying.

Smart Work Zones

Graphic. Circular graphic for integrated management. Shows a road with a bus in one lane, sedan in the other lane, and a cylcist in the bike lane.

Integrated Corridor Management