An advanced highway-rail intersection warning system was deployed for just over $350,000 as part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative.

From the San Antonio MMDI Evaluation Report: Section7: Improved Highway Rail Information

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San Antonio
United States

Summary Information

The Advanced Warning for Railroad Delays (AWARD) project was implemented as part of the San Antonio, Texas, Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative (MMDI). The project consisted of Doppler radar and acoustic sensors deployed upstream and downstream at selected crossings to detect the presence, speed, and length of oncoming trains as they approach grade crossings. The non-intrusive devices were installed on poles along city or state right-of-way alleviating any involvement with the railroad property who was reluctant to participate in the project because of liability reasons. Data were transmitted to the TransGuide Operations Center where the data were analyzed and railroad delay information was communicated to travelers on existing dynamic message signs and other traveler information services such as in-vehicle units distributed as part of the San Antonio MMDI project. The total project cost was $350,785 and annual operations and maintenance (O&M) costs were $33,808.

Project component costs are provided in the table below. The AWARD train sensor cost is for six sensors and includes communications hardware for links to TransGuide. The cost for the AWARD leased lines is for six phone lines.


Equipment Description
Deployment Costs
Annual O&M Costs
AWARD Train Sensors (6)
Development Labor Costs
33% Share of AWARD/KIOSK/IVN Master computer
20% SWRI Development Labor Costs
AWARD Sensor Maintenance
AWARD Leased Phone Lines (6)
4% Share of 25 TransGuide Personnel
4% Share of Software Maintenance and Upgrades
4% Share of Hardware Maintenance and Upgrades


Click here for a conceptual diagram of the AWARD system for the Fredericksburg Road and Woodlawn Avenue crossing.

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Advanced Warning for Railroad Delays in San Antonio: Lessons Learned from the Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative, Prepared for the U.S. DOT, October 2000.


System Cost

Deployment Costs: $350,785 (1998). Annual O&M Costs: $33,808 (1998).