In San Antonio, Texas, usage of a traveler information Web site increased at a rate of 19 percent per year and spiked during severe weather events.
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Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative: San Antonio Evaluation Report - Final Draft

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This report summarized the results of several ITS evaluation projects in the city of San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio had a relatively extensive implementation of ITS prior to this study and, consequently, the incremental benefits experienced in San Antonio through expansion and additions to the existing system may be somewhat smaller than the benefits that could be achieved in areas with little prior implementation of ITS.

Improvements to elements of San Antonio’s traveler information system included improvements to an Internet Web site. The Web site provided freeway traffic information including incident locations, and links to transit schedule and fare information.

The evaluation indicated that usage of the site was increasing at a rate of 19 percent per year over the course of the nine-month evaluation period. Significant latent demand for the service was evidenced by spikes in the number of users accessing the site during two severe weather events over the evaluation period.