A Doppler Radar-Based Animal Detection System Deployed in Idaho Cost An Estimated $60,000 to Equip 250 Meters of Roadway.

Researchers Test an Animal Detection System in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

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Summary Information

This study evaluates the reliability and effectiveness of a doppler radar-based animal detection system. Reliability was measured by how well large mammals (deer size and larger) were detected. System effectiveness was measured by reductions in vehicular travel speed; speed radars were also installed along the road section to assess whether drivers had sufficient time to respond to an activated warning sign. The study took place from Fall 2015 to Summer 2016.

Based on Idaho’s estimates, a doppler radar-based animal detection system with continuous coverage (not combined with other mitigation measures) would cost about $60,000 per 250 meters (820 feet), and would require replacement every 10 years. The system requires regular maintenance and calibration to ensure functionality, which costs an additional $3,000 per 250 meters annually.

System Cost

Radar-based animal detection system: Capital Cost $60K;  Annual O&M $3K per 250 Meters

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