A GPS-based satellite system costing roughly $4,000 per intersection and $2,000 per vehicle, allows Palm Beach County, Florida fire personnel to responder faster.
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Palm Beach County: Florida,
United States

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Palm Beach County, Florida, deployed an emergency response management system to reduce emergency vehicle response times. The same system is used by two towns in Illinois.

The system used GPS technology and emergency vehicle signal preemption to enable dispatchers to determine which vehicles were closest to an emergency. Using signals received from a set of GPS satellites, the system would determine when an emergency vehicle was approaching an equipped intersection and change the signal to green. The system required antennas to be installed at selected traffic signal poles and on emergency vehicles. In addition, two control devices (operator control unit and vehicle control unit) were installed in each emergency vehicle. The costs were estimated at $4,000 per intersection and $2,000 per emergency vehicle.