A seaport technology program planned for the Port of Oakland was projected to cost $30.6 million.

Port of Oakland Freight Intelligent Transportation System (FITS) will help reduce truck wait times and provide a safer and more secure maritime area.

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Summary Information

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC), in partnership with the City of Oakland and the Port of Oakland (Port), is implementing a Global Opportunities at the Port of Oakland (GoPort) Program, a package of landside transportation improvements within and near the Port. The Freight Intelligent Transportation System (FITS) project is a suite of 15 freight technology demonstration projects being implemented along West Grand Avenue, Maritime Street, 7th Street, Middle Harbor Road, Adeline Street, and Embarcadero West that are intended to:

  • Improve safety, efficiency and reliability of truck and rail access to the Oakland Port Complex
  • Provide real-time traveler information to users
  • Improve traffic and incident management within the Port, its terminals and access routes
  • Reduce congestion, truck idling and related emissions
  • Improve Port competitiveness.

Some examples of FITS demonstration projects being implemented include:

  • Interagency emergency operations and traffic management center
  • WiFi for truckers to access traffic and terminal gate updates
  • Changeable message signs to show traffic delays for truckers
  • Vehicle queue detection for accurate measurement of truck turn times
  • Mobile phone app for truckers.

All projects are scheduled to be completed by late 2021, followed by 12 months of systems testing. The project is expected to go live in late 2022.

The cost breakdown of the FITS program by Phase is presented below.

$2.5 million
Final Design (PS&E)
$4.1 million
$24 million
Total Expenditures
$30.6 million


The cost breakdown for the 15 FITS technology elements are presented below.




Transportation Management
System Improvement Type
FITS Element
Project Support
Annual Maintenance and Operations
Traveler Information Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) readers
Changeable Message Signs (CMS)
Basic GoPort Freight ITS information system/app
Supplemental vehicle detection
Basic smart parking system
Incident Management Communications (Wi-Fi)
Communications (Fiber)
Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) upgrade to High Definition (HD)
Joint Traffic Management Center/Emergency Operations Center (TMC/EOC)
Queue detection
Center to Center (C2C) Communications
Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Technology
Arterial Signal Management Initial Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)
Advanced train detection system
Adaptive signal system




System Cost

GoPort Freight Intelligent Transportation System: $30.6 million (in 2017 USD)