The cost to evaluate ICM using AMS tools was estimated at five percent of the deployment budget.

Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation (AMS) assessment of Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) on I-15 in San Diego.

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The focus of the ICM Post-Deployment assessment was to investigate the impacts of ICM in its "as deployed" state in San Diego, California using Analysis, Modeling and Simulation (AMS) tools. Macroscopic models were used to produce Origin-Destination (OD) trip tables that were subsequently input into microscopic simulation models. The microscopic models were then used to simulate driver behavior in response to various traffic control strategies and changes in multi-modal options.

Overall, the costs to develop and conduct AMS accounted for approximately five percent of the overall deployment budget. In San Diego, ICM strategies deployed on the I-15 corridor had an estimated annualized cost of $1.42 million and a 10-year estimated life-cycle cost of $12 million. (Cost ID: 2011-00219).