Michigan’s ITS Microwave Vehicle Detection System Had Construction Costs of $45,845 per Device Alongside Average Operation and Maintenance Cost of $1,908 per Device per Year.

University Researchers Evaluated Upgrades To Traffic Monitoring Systems in Michigan.

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This project evaluated the accuracy of traffic volume data collected by Intelligent Transportation Systems-Microwave Vehicle Detection System (ITS-MVDS) sites geographically distributed throughout Michigan. Accuracy was compared against the volume, speed, and vehicle classification data collected from Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) Continuous Count Station (CCS). A cost saving analysis was performed. The project also analyzed site appropriateness and developed recommendations for where sites should be relocated to enhance traffic information, reduce data redundancy, and expand data sampling. Data from 614 ITS-MVDS sites, 54 WIM sensors, and 126 CCS stations was obtained from 2012 to 2016; the study occurred from April 1, 2016 to April 30, 2018.

The following tables summarize the construction costs and the operation & maintenance (O&M) costs for a CCS system on a 4-lane divided highway as well as an ITS-MVDS. ITS-MVDS costs were obtained from the MDOT’s previous research report, “Costs and Benefits of MDOT ITS Deployments.”[1]  Construction costs include the design contract, construction contract, and system manager contract costs. O&M costs include maintenance contract, TOC contract, utility, and MDOT staff costs.


Table 1. Summary of CCS Construction and O&M costs.

CCS Construction Costs

Cabinet Installation


Class Sensor Installation


Speed Sensor Installation


System Connection Costs


Total Construction Costs


CCS System O&M Costs

Sensor Replacement and Calibration


Annual Average Mowing Costs


Total O&M Costs



Table 2. Summary of ITS-MVDS Construction and O&M Costs.

ITS-MVDS Construction Costs (per device)

Total Construction Costs


ITS-MVDS System O&M Costs (per device)

Total O&M Costs



Table 3. summarizes equivalent annual costs for both CCS and ITS MVDS.


Annual Costs

Equivalent Annual Costs for 20 Years



O & M


O & M














A – B








[1]  https://www.michigan.gov/documents/mdot/Cost-Benefit_of_MDOT_ITS_July_2015_503997_7.pdf

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