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By deploying Integrating Mobile Observations (IMO), a road weather management solution, West Des Moines Public Services has reduced its chloride (road salt) applications by 30 percent while maintaining the same level of service, saving about $150,000 annu

West Des Moines believes the benefits of IMO have greatly exceeded the costs. The up-front technology costs have decreased significantly since IMO was deployed in West Des Moines. Ongoing monthly…
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Benefit-to-cost ratios for Electronic Freight Management (EFM) applications ranged from 1:1 to 7:1. Higher ratios were projected for companies with larger supply chains.

FINDINGS The USDOT's Freight Technology Assessment Tool (FTAT) was used to calculate the net present value, benefit-cost ratio, and total process improvement for each case study.   Case Study…
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The Annual O&M Costs To Support a Robust Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) System in Des Moines, Iowa Were Estimated at Roughly $13.7 Million.

This Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) project focuses on developing operational strategies that will enhance safety, mobility, and travel time reliability for travelers in the Des Moines…
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