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Cost estimates for rural ITS in Arizona (ITS maintenance, weather information systems, highway advisory radio, motorist assistance patrols, and training applications) totaled $3.78 million per year for five years.

This project investigated rural ITS for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and reviewed current practices and concepts used by transportation agencies across the country. The primary…
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In Arizona, the estimated cost of a statewide Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) system using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is $49.6 million.

An analysis conducted for the Arizona DOT (AzDOT) published in 2008 provided an estimate of the cost of a statewide electronic vehicle recognition (EVR) system. EVR uses radio frequency…
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Taxonomy (ARC-IT) Road Use Charging (TM11)

From the 511 Deployment Coalition case study: total costs (to design, implement, and operate for one year) averaged $2.5 million among six statewide systems and $1.8 million among three metropolitan systems.

Customer satisfaction with 511 ranged from 68 to 92 percent in four deployments studied.

Notes: See also: Swan, Nicole, et al. 511 Virginia Evaluation, Report sponsored by VDOT, January 2004. Final Report Model Deployment of a Regional, Multi-Modal 511 Traveler Information System,…
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