Customer satisfaction with 511 ranged from 68 to 92 percent in four deployments studied.
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America's Travel Information Number: Implementation and Operational Guidelines for 511 Services Version 3.0

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This document prepared by the 511 Deployment Coalition was drafted to support agencies considering implementing or improving existing 511 systems (the national 3-digit telephone number for travel information).

The document highlights the findings of several studies that evaluate overall customer satisfaction with 511.

In 2004, 92.3 percent of users surveyed in the San Francisco Bay Area were satisfied with 511, and in Montana, 90.3 percent were satisfied. On I-81 corridor in Virginia, 99 percent of users surveyed said they would call again.

In 2005, the 511 model deployment evaluation project in Arizona found that 71 percent of users were satisfied. In Washington State, satisfaction levels were at 68 percent and 87 percent of the callers said they would call again.

See also:

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