An Active Traffic Management (ATM) system covering 12.4 miles of I-66 in Northern Virginia cost $39 million.

An evaluation of an ATM system deployed on the I-66 corridor.

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I-66 Corridor
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In Northern Virginia, VDOT installed an Active Traffic Management (ATM) system on the I-66 corridor from Centreville (Exit 52/U.S. 29) to the Capital Beltway (Exit 64/I-495). Construction officially began in early 2013 and was completed in September 2015. The project was constructed to improve safety and operations on I-66 through better management of existing roadway capacity. The main components of the system included advisory variable speed limits (AVSL), queue warning systems (QWS), lane use control signs (LUCS), and hard shoulder running (HSR) to improve capacity.

The project spanned approximately 12.4 miles and included installation of overhead gantries with lane use control signs, advisory variable speed limit displays, emergency pull-outs, and increased coverage of traffic cameras and sensors. Gantries were spaced approximately 0.6 miles apart so that continuous information could be provided to drivers on I-66.

The approximate total cost for the design-build project was $38.6 million. According to VDOT, the cost of implementing the gantries and relevant ATM control and sensor systems was $24 million. The total cost of the project was listed at $39 million, but $15 million that was allocated for this project was used to upgrade sensors and cameras that were due for updates.

Evaluation of the Impact of the I-66 Active Traffic Management System

Evaluation of the Impact of the I-66 Active Traffic Management System
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Chun, PilJin; and Michael D. Fontaine
Virginia Transportation Research Council

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System Cost

Upgrades to traffic detection systems and CCTV cameras: $15 million. Installation of ATM overhead sign structures, sensors, and traffic control systems: $24 million.