One-time capital costs for controller-based high resolution data collection systems were estimated at $3,120 per intersection.

Research on traffic signal performance in Indiana.

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In Indiana, a corridor with approximately 100 intersections was upgraded to improve signal timing optimization, enable capacity analysis, and support future adaptive signal control operations. Previous research indicated that adaptive signal control systems could be implemented for $65,000 per intersection.[1] On corridors where actuated-coordinated operations have been established and traffic detection is available, installation of adaptive signal control systems is relatively simple. For corridor wide projects, controller-based high resolution data collection systems can be used to facilitate signal timing optimization and the monitoring of performance measures.

The tables below summarize estimated per intersection costs to deploy controller-based high resolution data collection in Indiana.

One-Time Costs
New Traffic Signal Controller
Wireless Modem
Hardened Switch
Installation Labor (2 hours at $100 per hour)
Total of One-Time Costs
Annual Costs
12 months of data-only wireless service
$420 per year
Total of Annual Costs
$420 per year
Ten-Year Lifetime Cost
One-Time Cost
Annual Costs x 10 Years
Total Ten-Year Lifetime Cost
System Cost

Initial capital cost for high resolution data collection system: $3,120 per intersection Recurring cost for data-only wireless services: $420 per year