The overall cost to implement a region-wide Traffic Management System in Portland Oregon was estimated at $36 million.

Portland Metro's Investment Strategy for Management and Operations

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This document discusses how MPOs have incorporated TSMO projects into the programming phase of transportation investment decisionmaking in metropolitan areas. Based on a sample of practices from MPOs that have emphasized operations strategies in the planning process, this document highlights findings on:

  • Sources of funding that are being used for TSMO strategies.
  • Methods for prioritizing strategies for funding.
  • Staff resources devoted to TSMO-related activities.
  • Initial lessons learned about effective practices.

This report includes case studies of practices related to programming TSMO strategies from nine MPOs around the country.

The project examines the investment decision making for Transportation Systems Management Organization (TSMO) projects in the Portland metropolitan area. In addition to providing an overview of funding practices researchers provided examples of how evaluation data can be used to justify region-wide and corridor-level ITS investments.

In the Portland area a regional Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) serves approximately two million residents in three counties. Funding for operations is primarily derived from TSMO funds with supplemental funding provided by state and local sources.

The following cost data excerpted from the source report provided high level estimates of near term expenditures (1-5 years) for ITS.

Functional Area
Operations and
Capital Cost
(O&M) Cost
Regional Multimodal Traffic Management
  • Traffic signal coordination
  • Transit signal priority treatment
Traveler Information
  • Real-time traveler information
  • Expand to arterials
Incident Management
  • Improve surveillance
  • Expand incident management teams and training
Transportation Demand Management
  • Ridesharing
  • Collaborative marketing
Overall Cost (Region-wide Projects Only)

Programming for Operations: MPO Examples of Prioritizing and Funding Transportation System Management & Operations Strategies

Programming for Operations: MPO Examples of Prioritizing and Funding Transportation System Management & Operations Strategies
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Bond, Alex (ICF),
United States Department of TransportationFederal Highway Administration1200 New Jersey Ave., SEWashington, DC 20590
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Report No. FHWA-HOP-13-050
System Cost

Traffic Management System - Region Wide - $36.1M Traffic Management System - Region Wide O&M - 6.5M annually