TxDOT Emergency Signal Preemption Systems Cost Approximately $4,000 per Intersection with Recurring O&M Estimated To Be $250 Annually.

TxDOT Evaluated Multiple Projects in Texas Using Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) Strategies.

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The TxDOT Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) provides the estimated cost of selected traffic incident management components based on recent TxDOT and municipal project cost estimates. The costs associated with implementing that system are shown below in Table 1.

TIM Component (2021$)

Initial Capital Cost

O&M Cost

Vehicle Detection and Cameras

$9000/Detection Device

$500 annual

Automated Incident Detection System


$100 annual

Emergency Vehicle Preemption

$4,000/traffic signal

$250 annual

Dedicated Incident Responders



Incident Response Vehicles


$3,000 annual

Traffic Management Center Employees



Travel Information System Integration


$1,000 annual

Connected Vehicle Communication Hardware and Software


$500 annual

Scene Photo Sharing System



Dynamic Message Signs


$5,000 annual

System Cost

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