Arterial Travel Time Information Systems provide accurate and useful travel time

Minnesota drivers are benefitting from the information shared by ATTIS

Date Posted

2010 ITS Annual Report

Summary Information

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Section of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) Office of Traffic, Safety and Technology (OTST) performs research, demonstrations, and operational tests of ITS transportation solutions. The annual report of the Mn/DOT OTST ITS Section’s funded activities for the 2010 fiscal year describe the results of deployed and ongoing ITS projects.

The purpose of the Arterial Travel Time Information demonstration project is to:
  • Determine how arterial travel time information should be displayed on Dynamic Message Signs and websites through input from focus groups and customer surveys
  • Deploy and evaluate the accuracy of two arterial time estimation methods using real-time data.
  • Using one or both systems, deploy actual real-time arterial travel time messages on dynamic message signs and on a test website
  • Obtain feedback from the motoring public to determine the usefulness of the information provided.

Arterial Travel Time Information Systems (ATTIS) provide accurate and useful arterial travel time information to drivers.
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