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Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Inspection of Suitable Bridges Reduces the Project Cost by an Estimated Average of $10,200.

Oregon DOT Asset Management System Expected to Deliver Approximately $3.4 Million in Tangible Benefits.

An automated incident detection procedure developed for arterials detected 75 percent of reported incidents and had a false alarm rate of 26 percent.

MethodologyThe researchers collected travel time data along an arterial in Oregon using a Bluetooth enabled vehicle re-identification system. Historical travel time data was also collected to…
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Variable Pricing Systems worldwide indicate an increase in transit use and improved travel times and speeds system wide (priced lanes and general purpose lanes).

FINDINGSConversion of HOV lanes to HOT lanesEarly evaluations in San Diego (I-15 FasTrak) and Houston (US-290 and I-10 QuickRide) indicated that HOV to HOT conversions can increase lane use by 21 to…
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Evaluation data show that anti-icing programs can cut snow and ice control costs in half.

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FINDINGSColorado DOT saw an overall reduction in costs of 52 percent for freezing rain events. They also reported a 55 percent decrease in use of sand and a reduction in costs of about 50 percent per…
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A prototype CVO electronic screening and credentialing system deployed on two interstate corridors was projected to have a benefit-to-cost ratio of 3.6 over 20 years as a result of improved safety and productivity for agencies and commercial carriers