Automated sharing of real-time traffic incident information between agencies was estimated to reduce incident clearance time by 34 percent across 67 miles of I-95 in Virginia.
Virginia DOT (VDOT) highlights experience with Real-time Traffic Incident Mangment Information Systems (RTIMIS).
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Virginia, United States

Statewide: Virginia,
United States

Real-Time Traffic Incident Management Information System (RTIMIS)

Summary Information

This presentation highlighted agency experience with RTIMIS elements having the overall objective to improve traffic incident management through automated sharing of available real-time information.

The following system elements were highlighted:

  • Real-time data sharing system
  • Cross-agency, cross-jurisdictional cooperation
  • 911 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), and Signal systems
  • Secure, login protected access to system networks
  • Automated Data Extraction (zero operator impact)
  • Data Filtering
  • Automated Data Injection (Not yet achieved for 911 participant; Web application available)


Immediate value to VDOT

  • Up to 88 percent of accident discovery was by Virginia Safety Patrol (VSP) CAD.
  • Thirty-four (34) percent reduction in clearance time across 67 miles of I-95.

Additional value to integration partners

  • Reduced operator communication workloads.
  • Improved situational awareness.
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