In Spokane, Washington, the cost of integrating ITS field devices with fiber optic links and a microwave link was $1,837,251.

ITS improvements in the Spokane area of Washington state.

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The goals of this project were to integrate existing and new ITS field devices into the existing fiber communications system and to provide real-time video and data from those devices to emergency response agencies. This project integrated ITS field devices including CCTVs with fiber optic and microwave communications links for providing real-time video and data to emergency response agencies. The project constructed center-to-center and trunk line communications between agencies, and expanded communications capacity to prepare for future deployments.

The project constructed the following communications links:

  • a fiber optic trunk line on Division (SR 2) from Houston Avenue to Farwell Road
  • a microwave link to the WSP offices on Geiger Avenue that provided access to CCTV images
  • a fiber optic link to the CCC, the joint City/County police, fire, and 911 dispatch facility that also houses Spokane County’s EOC

The total cost of the Spokane Area Intelligent Transportation Integration project was $1,837,251.

ITS Evaluation Framework - Phase 2 Continuation (2009) Seventeen Projects

ITS Evaluation Framework - Phase 2 Continuation (2009) Seventeen Projects
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Peter M. Briglia, Jr.

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System Cost

Integrating ITS field devices with communications links (CCTVs and 3 links) - $1,837,251