The Colorado Truck Parking Information Management System (TPIMS) has a total estimated capital cost of $9 million.

Truck Parking Information Management system in Colorado to provide over-the-road truckers access to accurate, real-time, readily available information on parking and roadway conditions

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In Colorado, congestion, topography, and severe weather frequently combine to hinder the efficient movement of national and regional commercial freight traffic. CDOT is proposing to develop the Colorado Truck Parking Information Management System (TPIMS) to better address commercial vehicle parking needs throughout the state.

The Colorado TPIMS Project, expected to begin construction in early 2018, will be deployed across Colorado and will capture each of the three National Highway Freight Network corridors that traverse the state: I-25 (917 truck parking spaces), I-70 (2,004 truck parking spaces), and I-76 (587 truck parking spaces). The Colorado TPIMS will monitor commercial and public parking availability along these routes, distribute real-time parking availability information to operators and dispatchers, and facilitate parking reservations, all through multiple technology applications.

The Colorado TPIMS is expected to improve freight delivery reliability and shipping time efficiency by reducing the costs and delays associated with truck drivers searching for available parking areas or winter chain up areas, or drivers deciding to find alternative routes or making early stops during road closures or severe weather.

Static cameras and sensors will be used to monitor parking availability and allow the TMC to verify occupancy information collected. The information collected will be sent to the TMC via cellular modems or the existing fiber backbone.

The estimated deployment costs are summarized below:

Cost Area Cost
Project Management, Research, Marketing, and
Construction $5,500,000
Infrastructure Planning and Design (25% of Construction) $1,375,000
(10% of Construction)
Construction, Engineering and Inspection
(CEI, 12% of Construction)
Total Capital Cost $9,000,000

Colorado Truck Parking Information Management System: Fast Lane 2016

Colorado Truck Parking Information Management System: Fast Lane 2016
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Colorado DOT

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System Cost

Total Capital Cost: $9M (in 2016 dollars)