San Francisco-based tool makes parking more efficient by decreasing parking spot search time by 43 percent.
SFPark, a Smart Parking Systems (SPS) pilot program, works to provide drivers with real-time information about available parking spaces.
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San Francisco
United States

A SPS pilot program carried out in San Francisco from 2009-2013 set out to improve drivers' parking experience. Sensors installed in the surface of each parking spot communicated with radio receptors about which spots were occupied. The information was then displayed to drivers via LED screens outside lots and through the downloadable SFPark mobile app. The system was also integrated with parking meters. "Fluid’" parking prices helped evenly distribute cars between lots by encouraging drivers to choose cheaper, less occupied lots.

  • Search time for open parking decreased by 43 percent.
  • CO2 emissions decreased by 30 percent.
  • On-street parking costs decreased by 4 percent,
  • Costs in public garages decreased by 12 percent.
  • Parking fees decreased by 23 percent.

SFpark Project Proves Smart Parking System Efficiency

SFpark Project Proves Smart Parking System Efficiency
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Marcin Maroszek,
GPS Business News

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