Machine Vision Systems that Enable Self-Driving Taxis Cost Approximately $10,000 to $15,000 per Vehicle.

Online periodical details cost estimates reported by equipment manufacturer.

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The camera based technology developed by Mobileye uses 12-cameras and several algorithms to enable self-driving functions. Eight of the cameras have long-range lenses, while four serve as parking cameras.  All 12 cameras send data to an onboard computer that uses a Mobileye processor chip to automate decision making.

The camera data input into the algorithm suite enable the system to identify wheels and infer vehicle locations; detect nearby vehicles with open, closed, and partially open doors; infer a distance for each pixel in an image and generate a three-dimensional point cloud of objects around the vehicle; and asses objects and geometry that corresponding to drive-able roadway.

Mobileye plans to equip robo-taxis in three major cities (Tel Aviv, Paris, and Daegu City, South Korea) with its self-driving camera technology by 2022. Equipment cost per vehicle was estimated at $10,000 to $15,000 per vehicle. However, by 2025 the cost per vehicle was estimated to drop below $5,000.