A Curb Management App in Washington, DC Improved Safety and Reduced Double Parking by 64 Percent.

Initial findings from a public-private collaborative parking management project at nine locations in DC.

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CurbFlow pilot reduced double parking in DC by 64%

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The Washington, DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) and digital curb space management company curbFlow released results from a three month pilot project that evaluated curb space management for commercial vehicles.

During the pilot, a curb management app was launched that enabled drivers to reserve, either on-demand or in advance, time slots in loading zones. Loading zones were established at nine locations in the city where commercial vehicles were often observed to be double parked. 


  • DDOT found that the pilot immediately improved safety in crosswalks and bike lanes. 
  • Initial findings suggested that double parking went down by 64 percent in the pilot project area. 
  • Over 6,350 drivers from more than 900 companies registered to use the service and commercial drivers made more than 15,000 reservations.
  • The gathered data from the pilot helped DDOT to better understand the overall volume of activity at the curb and what types of activities are occurring.