Cost of a province-wide, supplemental automated license plate reading system is $1,060,200 (CAN).
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Summary Information

The British Columbia Ministry of Transportation (BCMOT) has already invested in the hardware and software required to implement the Green Light Transportation System (GLTS) at 8 inspection sites in B.C. The investment required to implement automated license plate reading system (ALPR) at the same 8 inspection sites was obtained from a leading supplier of APLR.

  • Hardware costs for sensors and cameras and overview image capture equipment totalled $484,000.
  • Software including Customized OCR Local Electronic Screening software for the 8 sites, and an Enterprise Software Module for the province totalled $382,000.
  • Other equipment and installation totalled $194,200.
  • The total marginal investment in APLR technology is estimated to be $1,060,200.
System Cost

Total marginal investment in ALPR system technology: $1,060,200 (CAN)(estimated).