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Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platforms and real time data analyses have the ability to detect roadway crashes at a higher rate, and thereby facilitate faster validation which leads to reduced emergency response. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC), together with the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) and Nevada DOT (NDOT) launched an AI-based platform in collaboration with a technology company in 2018 that allowed crash locations to be reported in real time. The pilot study was initiated on a six-mile, high-risk segment of I-15 in Nevada so that preventative efforts and patrols could be deployed. The AI platform aimed to reduce emergency response time during traffic crashes by eliminating the time required to dial for help using services like 311 and 911. Stemming from the positive findings from the initial pilot, the RTC decided to partner again with NHP and NDOT to expand its study area and deployed five additional Strategic Traffic Management Sites (STMS) in October 2019. In addition, the RTC started testing various technologies to detect work zones in real time, allowing them to broadcast the location of static barricade equipment—including cones, barrels, and signs—as well as construction vehicles and workers.

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Prepared by Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
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Leveraging Technology to Improve Roadway and Work Zone Safety in Nevada
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