Faizan, Muhammad; Shah Hussain; and M. I. Hayee
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Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and the Advance Curve Warning System (ACWS) are two critical elements among several other Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) functions that have significant potential to reduce crashes that involve crossing of an edge line, center line, or otherwise leaving the intended lane or trajectory. LDWS generally uses image processing or optical scanning techniques to detect a lane departure. ACWS, on the other hand, uses a standard GPS receiver, a speed sensor, and access to the digital maps of lane-level resolution to detect the curve ahead. The primary objectives of this study were to develop a lane departure detection algorithm and an advanced curve warning algorithm using a standard GPS receiver with only road-level information, which are available commonly in any navigation device. GPS was used to determine the lateral shift of a vehicle, estimate road curvature, and provide an advisory travel speed. The lane departure detection algorithm compared vehicle trajectory to the road-level information obtained from a digital mapping database, and audible warning messages informed drivers about unintentional lane drifting. The curve detection algorithm utilized the road direction and curvature from the database to determine a safe deceleration rate; warning messages informed drivers of both the curve and the advisory travel speed. Researchers performed tests on a 3-km-long road segment on Rice Land Road in Duluth, Minnesota and a 4-km-long segment on the I-35. Intentional lane changes were carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of both algorithms.

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Report No. MN/RC 2018-34
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Prepared by the University of Minnesota Duluth for the Minnesota DOT
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Development and Demonstration of a Cost-Effective In-Vehicle Lane Departure and Advanced Curve Speed Warning System
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