Khan, Ghazan; Shukurat Sanni; Steffen Berr; and Kevan Shafizadeh
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A work zone intrusion alarm (WZIA) system was tested to improve the safety of the current Caltrans Standard Plans for traffic control in work zones in Sacramento, California. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of four WZIA systems and readiness for deployment in California work zones. The pilot testing took place at the Caltrans Maintenance Equipment Training Academy (META) testing facility in November 2018. The testing consisted of a trip hose used for vehicle detection, an alarm unit attached to the vehicle, and Personal Safety Devices (PSDs) for work zone workers. In this pilot, data and information were collected and documented to evaluate sound level and distance, operation, and functional characteristics. In addition, worker reaction time depending on vehicle speed when it passed the trip hose was studied.

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Report No. CA19-3038
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Prepared by California State University for California DOT
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Evaluation of Work Zone Intrusion Alarms
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