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This Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) project focuses on developing operational strategies that will enhance safety, mobility, and travel time reliability for travelers in the Des Moines Metropolitan Area. The primary goals for this project are as follows: reduce fatalities and injuries, reduce travel time, improve traveler mobility, improve road and system efficiency, integrate multimodal transportation systems, improve accessibility, improve regional economic vitality, and maintain regional transportation systems. The ICM Project began in October 2018; the first phase identified ICM strategies that addressed current needs while the second phase developed a timeframe for implementing a hybrid bundle with associated strategies and evaluated medium to long-term strategies in terms of implementation ease, ICM benefits, and sequential order to determine relative timing (mid-range or long-range). The project is bounded by U.S. Highways I-235, I-80, I-35, Iowa 163, and any additional highways and arterials connecting to these freeways. The analysis utilized multiple predictive tools to evaluate competing packages of ICM improvement and conducted comparisons between different strategies based on the performance measures.

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Integrated Corridor Management - Des Moines Metro Area Phase 2 Strategy Bundle Evaluation
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