Jeihani, Mansoureh; Snehanshu Banerjee; Samira Ahangari; Danny D. Brown
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A research team from Morgan State University studied the potential effects of various dynamic message sign (DMS) designs on route choice and driver compliance by reviewing literature and best practices from six states (Virginia, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Texas, Florida and Oregon) in addition to performing testing of a driver simulator. DMS designs studied varied in content, type, and message length. For the testing, a 155 square-mile road network southwest of the Baltimore metropolitan area was simulated in a driving simulator. Six scenarios (390 simulations total) were conducted with 65 participants; participants were asked to drive from a given origin to a fixed destination. Researchers used simulations to track route choice and assess the impact of environmental factors on travel decisions. A total of eight survey questionnaires (two pre-simulation and six post) were used to gather demographic information and route preference, and to assess driver compliance.

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Prepared by Morgan State University for Maryland Department of Transportation
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Potential Effects of Composition and Structure of Dynamic Message Sign Messages on Driver Behavior and Their Decision to Use Freeway Incident Traffic Management (FITM) Routes
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