Mishra, Sabysachee; M. Golias; and Diwas Thapa
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This study sought to evaluate three existing Work Zone Intrusion Alert (WZIA) technologies: Intellicone; Advanced Warning and Risk Evasion (AWARE); and the Worker Alert System (WAS). Intellicone is an impact-activated system that utilizes traffic cone mountable sensors and Portable Site Alarms (PSA). AWARE is a radar-based warning system that marks a vehicle as an intruder if it is traveling at a speed higher than the speed limit. One version of AWARE, the Sentry, was evaluated; it consists of a sensor unit with a radar, LEDs, an alarm, and personal alarms (called Worktraxs). WAS is a pneumatic sensor-based technology with a pneumatic trip hose sensor, signal transmitter, Portable Alarm Case (PAC), LEDs, and Personal Safety Devices (PSDs).


A two-phased evaluation approach was used to assess the  technologies. Controlled tests were conducted in November 2019 along a section of TN-14; these systems were evaluated on system accuracy, efficacy, and coverage. Live tests occurred in December 2019, August 2020, and December 2020 along TN-195 in Williston, Fayette County and various locations in Shelby County. AWARE was assessed on driver reactions and workers’ perceptions of user-friendliness. Intellicone and WAS were both evaluated on user-friendliness, worker reactions and preferences, and system effectiveness.  Responses from workers in the live tests were collected using on-site surveys.

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Prepared by University of Memphis for Tennessee DOT and US DOT
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