Chajka-Cadin, Lora; Margaret Petrella; Sarah Plotnick
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This study presents findings from the 2019 Small Urban and Rural Transit Survey exploring the use and usefulness of ITS technologies deployed by small urban and rural transit providers, along with reasons why the technologies are or are not being used. The survey addresses challenges to deployment, the benefits of successful implementation, and sources of funding and technical support, including use of ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) resources. The survey was administered between September 9 –October 28, 2019, and achieved a 74 percent response rate, resulting in a final sample of 244 small urban and rural transit providers (107 small urban and 137 rural). The survey findings provide a more representative picture of ITS technologies deployed nationally by transit agencies, and a better understanding of the factors that affect deployment for smaller providers.

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Prepared by Volpe for USDOT
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Intelligent Transportation Systems: Findings from the Small Urban and Rural Transit Provider Survey
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