DeVore, Angie (Valley Metro); Ziad Yassine (UC Berkeley); and Elliot Martin (UC Berkeley)
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The Valley Metro Mobility on Demand (MOD) Sandbox project was created to provide an updated version of their previously developed mobile application with innovative features. These enhanced features included a fully accessible transit app, the Pass2Go® app, which provides a mobile, single ticketing and payment system and connects users with multiple public and private transportation options. Three-hundred and thirty-two (332) participants were involved in testing and evaluating the app, first taking a pre-study survey, using the Pass2Go app, afterward reporting their experiences in a post-study survey. Paired observations from both surveys as well as app activity and payment data, the project’s open data platform, and insights from expert (stakeholder/project partner) interviews during January 2017–December 2019 were used for project evaluation.

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FTA Report No. 0188
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USDOT Federal Transit Administration
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Mobility on Demand (MOD) Sandbox Demonstration: Valley Metro Mobility Platform - Final Report
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