An Assessment of Autonomous Vehicles: Traffic Impacts and Infrastructure Needs-Final Report

A research team based out of the University of Texas-Austin's Center for Transportation Research sought to provide a systematic synthesis of contemporary smart driving technologie

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Kockelman, Kara; Boyles, Stephen; Stone, Peter; Fagnant, Dan; Patel, Rahul; Levin, Michael W.; Sharon, Guni; Simoni, Michele; Albert, Michael; Fritz, Hagen; Hutchinson, Rebecca; Bansal, Prateek; Domnenko, Gleb; Bujanovic, Pavle; Kim, Bumsik; Pourrahmani, Elham; Agrawal, Sudesh; Li, Tianxin; Hanna, Josiah; Nichols, Aqshems; Li, Jia
Prepared by the Center for Transportation Research at the University of Texas at Austin for TDOT
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Report No. FHWA/TX-17/0-6847-1