Gonzalez, Tracy B.; Weave, Starla
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Lateral support systems have the potential to reduce road-departure crashes by decreasing the probability that a vehicle will leave its intended travel lane. Two lateral support systems on the market are Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane-Keeping Assist (LKA). LDW systems issue a visual, audible, or haptic warning to alert the driver that the vehicle has crossed a lane boundary. LKA systems actively move the vehicle back into its lane by either applying steering torque or light differential braking.

This FHWA study compared lane-keeping behavior when drivers drove without lateral assistance, with LDW, or with LKA. The goals of this study were to:

  • assess the effect of each type of lateral support system on lane-keeping ability during conditions in which a driver unintentionally leaves their travel lane
  • assess how drivers respond to lateral support systems triggered in response to an intended lane departure, and
  • determine whether drivers respond appropriately to lane departures following an unexpected lateral support system failure.

User acceptance of each system was also examined.

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To Alert or Assist: Comparing Effects of Different Lateral Support Systems on Lane-Keeping
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