Cregger, Joshua ; Machek, Elizabeth ; Cahill, Patricia ;
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A market assessment report was developed to convey the state of automated transit bus technology in terms of its availability, capabilities, and limitations. The report aimed to help appropriately manage expectations and inform the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), transit agencies, and other transit industry stakeholders interested in understanding the market for automated transit bus technology. The assessment considered automation at all levels and included a broad definition of transit bus, including a range of passenger capacities and both traditional and novel vehicle designs. For the study, various types of literature related to domestic and international efforts to develop and test transit bus automation system were scanned, including press releases, company websites, and other publicly available materials. The findings from the literature were used to conduct an outreach effort through phone interviews and in-person meetings with industry representatives. Most representatives contacted included bus manufacturers, suppliers, and new entrants as described below:

  • Bus manufacturers are interested in developing buses with automation systems. They are engaged in various activities such as in-house technology development, reaching out to suppliers who are developing systems, and developing partnerships with other organizations in automation.
  • Supplier Firms develop, manufacture, and sell components or systems needed to enable automation such as steering, braking, or sensing systems.
  • New Entrants develop technologies for transit bus automation. These types of companies may be providers of automated shuttles or transportation network companies (TNCs) with automated vehicle programs (ride-hailing with automation).
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John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
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Transit Bus Automation Market Assessment
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