Nohekhan, Amir; Zahedian, Sara; Farokhi Sadabadi, Kaveh
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I-66 is a major east-west highway that connects downtown Washington D.C. to Northern Virginia. Since it is the only major east-west highway between D.C. and the populous Virginia suburbs, I-66 experiences heavy traffic congestion especially during peak hours.

To alleviate congestion, public authorities initially implemented peak period High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) restrictions along the portion of I-66 inside the I-495 beltway. In 2017, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) altered the restrictions on this I-66 segment and switched from HOV to High Occupancy/Toll (HOT) lanes. After the change, users can access the lanes during peak periods by paying a toll, which is dynamically set based on demand, or by having multiple people in their vehicle.   

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Transportation Engineering, Volume 4, June 2021
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Investigating the impacts of I-66 Inner Beltway dynamic tolling system
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