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The City of Austin, Texas Transportation Management Center (TMC) works to monitor traffic patterns, deploy resources to address equipment issues, implement signal timing adjustments, and aid in special event management with the ultimate goal of improving traffic operations in Austin. In April 2016, the City decided to expand operations of the TMC to address the City’s increasing congestion challenges resulting from a fast-growing population. The goals of this TMC operation and capability expansion were to increase staff coverage and flexibility, increase the hours of center operation, improve operational efficiency, help manage incidents and events, and ultimately improve transportation system performance.

The addition of consultant staff enabled the City to expand the hours of TMC operation during weekdays, to include an additional 30 minutes in the morning (6:00 am–6:30 am) and an additional 90 minutes in the evening (6:30 pm–8:00 pm), as well as providing coverage on Saturdays (nine hours) and Sundays (eight hours). Beyond expanding the daily hours of operation, additional staff resources have been included during the weekday peak periods. An on-call manager was also added for special events. With the TMC expansion, the number of person-hours spent monitoring traffic increased by nearly 100 percent each week.

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Center for Transportation Research -
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Performance Evaluation for City of Austin Transportation Management Center Expansion
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