Fanny Malin, Juha Luoma
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Reducing average traffic speed is one of the most effective ways to improve roadway safety. However, simply lowering speed limits is not always effective at reducing speed as drivers may not be aware of their speed or they may choose to ignore posted speed limits. To improve adherence to posted speed limits, public authorities have employed a variety of strategies for reducing speed such as changes to the built environment (e.g. speed bumps) or ITS focused solutions such as speed cameras.

One specific speed reduction ITS solution is speed display signs. Speed display signs utilize radar to detect a driver’s speed. The signs then display the speed to the driver on a roadside sign. Often if the driver is over the speed limit, the sign will flash or display a message such as “Slow Down.”  

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Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour Journal
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Effects of speed display signs on driving speed at pedestrian crossings on collector streets
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