Matthew C. Camden, Alejandra Medina-Flintsch, Jeffrey S. Hickman, Richard J. Hanowski, Brian Tefft
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The objective of this study was to provide scientifically-based estimates of the societal benefits and costs of large truck automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW), and video-based onboard safety monitoring (OSM). For each technology, benefit-cost analyses were performed for installing the technology on all large trucks (including retrofitting existing trucks) and for equipping new large trucks only. Sensitivity analyses examined three cost estimates (low, average, high; values technology-specific), two estimates of system efficacy (low and high; values technology-specific), and three discount rates (0 percent, 3 percent, 7 percent) for each technology.

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Accident Analysis & Prevention
Volume 121, December 2018
Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Societal benefit-cost analysis of three large truck safety technologies
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