In Kent, Washington, the cost of connecting five arterial traffic signals and five CCTV cameras to a central signal system and another traffic management center was $92,000.

Connecting ramp terminal traffic signals to regional traffic control system in Washington State DOT's northwest region

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SR 181
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The goal of this project was to connect arterial traffic signal systems near freeway ramps to a central signal system. This would provide the communications infrastructure for future coordinated operations. Three jurisdictions within the region were upgraded as part of this project.

The third of three projects interconnected arterial traffic signals on State Road 181 in Kent near freeway ramps into the regional traffic signal system by installing the following:.

  • Five traffic signals on SR 181 along with new 2070 traffic signal controllers
  • Five CCTV cameras
  • Center-to-center communications connection to the City of Tukwila's traffic management center

The maintenance required to keep the fiber optic interconnection in operation is much less than what was required to keep the previous twisted-pair, copper wire in operation.

ITS Evaluation Framework - Phase 2 Continuation (2009) Seventeen Projects

ITS Evaluation Framework - Phase 2 Continuation (2009) Seventeen Projects
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Peter M. Briglia, Jr.

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System Cost

Interconnecting 5 traffic signals and 5 CCTV cameras to a regional system - $92,000 (2004)