Margaret Petrella, Jane Lappin, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center Cambridge, Massachusetts
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As part of the evaluation of the Arizona 511 Model Deployment, a customer survey was conducted to assess customers' use and perceptions of the service. In January 2003, a 511 national evaluation panel was convened to provide input on the evaluation of the Arizona 511 Model Deployment and to develop a standardized evaluation approach and set of measures ("core" questions) that would be tested in the Arizona 511 customer survey.

The 511 national evaluation panel envisioned two key benefits to having standard evaluation components. First, the standardization of the approach and measures would produce nationally comparable evaluation data, and program managers would be able to aggregate the data and look at national trends in the use and perception of 511. Second, a standardized methodology and core questions would facilitate the process of conducting customer surveys among other 511 evaluators and would save funds that otherwise would have been spent on survey design.

Based on the experience of testing the standard evaluation approach and measures in Arizona, the core set of questions was refined and lessons learned were developed to provide 511 evaluators with useful information in conducting their own user evaluations.

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U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration - Office of Transportation Management
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Implementing a Standard Evaluation Approach and Standard Measures in 511 Customer Satisfaction Surveys
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