Yi Qi, Xin Chen, Lane Yang, Bin Wang and Lei Yu
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The Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) program was a major ITS initiative designed to create an enabling communication infrastructure that would open up a wide range of safety applications. The road-condition warning system was an application of VII technology, meant to provide drivers with real-time information about unexpected roadway conditions ahead, such as accidents, speed reduction zones, hazardous weather conditions. This study investigated three different types of warning systems: Rural Highway Driver Warning Systems (RHDWS), Highway Lane Change Warning Systems (HLCWS) and Work Zone Driver Warning Systems (WZDWS), These systems were designed and tested in the designed highway scenarios by driving simulator experiments. The experimental results show that all three systems can reduce the crashes in the designed environment.

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Southwest Region University Transportation CenterTexas Transportation InstituteTexas A&M University SystemCollege Station, Texas 77843-3135
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Vehicle infrastructure integration (VII) based road-condition warning system for highway collision prevention
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