In Arlington, Texas, the cost to lease two autonomous public shuttles to carry passengers from remote parking lots to its stadium venues was $272,000.

Driverless shuttle pilot program in Arlington, Texas.

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Summary Information

In 2017, the Arlington, Texas City Council entered into a one-year lease with EasyMile of Toulose, France for use of two low-speed, autonomous shuttles. The City will offer free shuttle rides on pre-programmed routes along its Entertainment District off-street trails.

The two EZ10 shuttles are wheelchair accessible, and can hold up to 12 passengers (or 10 passengers plus one wheelchair). In addition:

  • A certified operator will always be onboard.
  • The shuttle’s top speed is about 20 mph. It can accelerate, brake and steer by itself.
  • The driverless technology includes collision avoidance systems. It can detect other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and obstacles.

The pilot program will allow the City to test the application of autonomous shuttles in a real-world setting.

System Cost

One-year lease: $272,000 (in 2017 USD)

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