Bertini, R.L., Hansen, S., Byrd, A. and Yin, T
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The archiving and re-use of data collected for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) operations can support transportation decision-making and knowledge for a range of users from planners to researchers. Although Archived Data User Service (ADUS) has many beneficiaries, it frequently is limited to user groups having access or informal arrangements with the agency responsible for operating and maintaining the data archive. However, the increasing availability of web-based services and the development of data management and processing tools has improved the accessibility of archived ITS data. The Portland Regional Transportation Archive Listing (PORTAL) is a successful example of the implementation of an ADUS, which as inaugurated by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) in cooperation with regional partners in 2004.
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Experience Implementing a User Service for Archived Intelligent Transportation Systems Data
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