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In 1996, the U.S. DOT initiated the Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative (MMDI) to evaluate the value of integrating ITS components, such as Traffic Signal Control, Freeway Management and Incident Management Systems on a regional basis. The MMDI used four regions to serve as model deployment sites (San Antonio, Phoenix, Seattle, and the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut (NY/NJ/CT) area). The main thesis of the MMDI was that benefits delivered by an integrated system of ITS components will be greater than the sum of the benefits provided by the individual parts. Integration of systems and information should lead to a synergy of positive effects on transportation safety and congestion reduction. Independent evaluations of the MMDI deployment sites identified lessons learned on ITS planning and deployment. A summary document entitled, “Deploying and integrating ITS: Twenty Questions and Answers” is based on the MMDI evaluations and provides guidance for ITS project manager on ways to contain costs, assess performance and evaluate projects.

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U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration
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Deploying and Operating Integrated Intelligent Transportation Systems: Twenty Questions and Answers
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