The cost to deploy an advanced weigh station with a preclearance system was estimated at $3.3 million.

Component costs and operation/maintenance costs for various-level fixed weigh stations.

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Summary Information

A benefit-cost analyses for existing fixed weigh stations and other enforcement sites was conducted as part of a study to provide recommendations to the Michigan DOT (MDOT) and the Michigan State Police (MSP) on the best enforcement strategies and enhancements for existing weigh stations to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the state’s enforcement activities.

In the study, four cost components were identified:

  1. Construction/installation/upgrade costs
  2. Operating costs
  3. Labor costs
  4. Maintenance costs

Table 1: Cost components of construction/installation of a basic fixed weigh station
* Based on recent cost estimates made by MDOT for a weigh station in Fowlerville, MI.



Fixed Weigh Station Component Cost
Static Scale Pavement $37,000
Ramps $1,136,000
Additional Parking $207,000
Pavement leading to Parking $309,000
Lights, static scale, speakers, lights for inspections $477,905
Maintaining Traffic $10,000
Mobilization $130,000
Total Cost $2,306,905

For other fixed weigh station levels, costs were determined according to the extra technologies and features present on each level in addition to those present at a basic fixed weigh station. These distinguishing features include mainline weigh-in-motion (WIM), low-speed WIM with bypass lane and preclearance systems. Table 2 presents a summary of the costs for each level of fixed weigh station.

Table 2: Construction/installation cost components by fixed weigh station levels



Installation/Construction Components Basic Intermediate Advanced Most Advanced
Construction of New Basic Fixed Weigh Station with Static Scale $2,306,905 $2,306,905 $2,306,905 $2,306,905
Camera $921 $921 $921 $921
MoveForward Variable Message Signs (VMS) $21,904 $21,904 $21,904 $21,904
Speed VMS $4,056 $4,056 $4,056 $4,056
Mainline WIM   $136,000 $136,000 $136,000
Low Speed WIM     $156,176 $156,176
Bypass Lane     $530,500 $530,500
Overheight Detector (OHD)     $110,000 $110,000
PrePass System       $60,347
Total Cost $2,333,786 $2,469,786 $3,266,462 $3,326,809


Table 3: Summary of average annual operating and maintenance costs by fixed weigh station level


  Basic Intermediate Advanced Most Advanced
Annual Operating Cost 1 $9,094 $25,486 $22,651 $31,655
Annual Labor Cost2 $41,969 $143,894 $155,406 $287,289
Annual Maintenance Cost3 $11,000 $15,000 $37,800 $38,000

1 Based on the consumables and utilities spent at the enforcement site as provided by MDOT

2 Determined as $46.12 x (average daily working hours) x number of working days per year

3 Considered pavement maintenance, pavement markings and maintenance of the building structure and other components which were made available by MDOT.